Vigilantes..a GOOD thing!!!

Pollyanna is a vigilante.

A vigilante for OPTIMISM!  I know it sounds corny, but it’s true.  She is happy ALL the time!  What else would explain it?  You know me, I’m all for being happy and positive; I do refer to the perky side of me as Polli (with an “I” because it’s way more perky than a “Y”!), so that’s a bit ironic don’t you think?  Or am I just the only one who never saw the connection?

I am thinking I need to join up with her; I can be her ”backup man”  for optimistic justice!  I welcome help for converting the “in the dark” people (get it? dark side…) to the “light side”, and it means I’ll have a friend if we’re tied with duct tape and shoved in a closet somewhere!

The word Vigilante is Spanish and Portuguese for “the watchman”. I like that. I like giving myself the opportunity to “watch” over the everyday well being of people I know, (admit it, it’s one of the things you LOVE about me!), and those I meet/and or come in contact with; I get a smile, even with the shaking of the head!  And doesn’t it have such an air of a “mission with purpose”? 

                “No, I’m not trying to be annoying I’ve been assigned to watch over your well being and be of assistance and a positive influence”. 

That’s AWESOME!!!!  To be able to put forth one’s PURPOSE on a DAILY basis, I could not ask for anymore!  This is a great plan-it makes me HAPPY and clap out loud!!

So I think “the perk” is about to be turned up a notch, if that’s possible?!  There will definitely be more smiles and dancing in our days ahead.  If you Dance In to your day, you can’t help but to Dance Out of your day!

                “Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier”

                Colin Powell US General (1937- )

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