Time marches on….Don’t get left behind!!!

It’s Tuesday!  The week is marching forward.  Are you?  Have you tried to put your disappointments and setbacks behind you to get where you’re going?  It can be hard, but necessary.  Necessary to move on to what could be the best time of your life!  It’s not even a means to an end-I prefer a means to a beginning!

Life will ALWAYS give us obstacles in one form or the other to overcome.  I want to look at it as a game-and I play to win!  We need things shaken up abit from time to time just so we don’t take what we have for granted.  Complacency should be a sin! Now, admittingly sometimes we’re TOO shaken, and it seems much harder to see where we need to go; but these are the times we learn so much about ourselves!

We learn what it is we REALLY want, and what it is we REALLY need. It may mean past dreams become just that; past. It gives us the opportunity to dream bigger, WANT more than we thought we deserved; and in most cases finally ADMITTING we DESERVE so much MORE than we thought we had!

Take some time today and look at what needs to be put behind you to allow for moving forward. It can be small, it can be huge; take the first step (to the epic odyssey!) and you will surprise yourself with what is waiting for you to accomplish!

                “To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe”.

                Anatole France, French novelist (1844-1924)

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