The Power to CHOOSE!!!

Let’s continue with “C”…..choices

The power to choose

We are given numerous opportunities everyday to make choices; from the mundane (what to wear?) to life changing (quit our job to be happy or stay and be miserable?).  Included in our daily choices should be who we allow to be a part of our every days.  From today forward, I am making this a priority! I am taking back the power to CHOOSE!

I choose people who will encourage me, challenge me, bring focus back to where I need to be, not let me sell myself short and are here for me in EVERYTHING I do; even when maybe the decision I have made may not be “just right” for the time/place I’m at, (and arrive on time to help pick me up with only the minimum of “I told you so’s”). I choose people who do all this for me, but especially ALLOW ME to do the same for them.

Lucky for me I have people in my life that are just that!  I am truly fortunate! Recently I was humbled by two (2) of the most generous spirits-people I am proud to call MY FRIENDS! 

                “The greatest power a person possesses is the power to choose”

                    J. Martin Kohne

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