The Measurement of Success!!!


Whether or not we are successful in our own eyes is different I think for everybody.  Some days just getting out of bed on time is considered a great success by some; where others may look at that as just the norm, what’s expected. I like to believe individual success should not only be measured by the “big” stuff, but the everyday (mundane perhaps) accomplishments that move us towards those “big” successes.  Yes, getting out of bed on time, (not normally my issue, just those in my house!), morning routine accomplished with patience and a calm mind, acceptance of where my day is taking me and did I end the day with the same acceptance of where I had been?  Without the every day we can’t get to the “big” stuff.

I have begun measuring Today’s success by an earlier conversation and what it has brought me; calm and anticipation of my odyssey being a success!  Fears are being eased and being able to trust that success is almost guaranteed is the little step to my ultimate goal; which will not be realized without the success of Today!

Our lives are truly just a sum of our moments; just as our successes are a sum of our days and whether we choose to accept ALL of our small accomplishments as the stepping stones that lead us to our unrealized greatness!

                “Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire”!

                Reggie Leach

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