Rave On!!

I have said this so many times, but am inclined to yet again….

Do not underestimate the POWER OF PRAISE!  Go out of your way to let someone know how awesome they are!  We all like to hear that we are appreciated, that we have maybe made a difference in someone else’s day/life.  Take the time to celebrate what this person means to you!  Acknowledge how thankful you are for the mere fact they are part of your life.  Applaud them!  (yet another clap out loud! moment)!

I promise, if you make someone else feel good about themselves, YOU will have an AWESOME day as well!  Almost manic euphoria!  And it’s contagious; you praise someone, they praise someone, and before we know it it’s a praise party!  (Balloons are almost a requirement!)

So take a moment, share with someone how great you think they are and what they mean to you.  You will not be disappointed!

                “When someone does something good, applaud!  You will make two people happy!”

                                Samuel Goldwyn, US (Polish-born) movie producer (1882-1974)

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