Plenty of Time

Denial. I have been in denial about time. There’s plenty of it, enough for everyone. It’s TIME for peep’s sake!

It is now becoming painfully apparent I have not used my time wisely for my friends. Time is slipping away, and now a TRUE FRIEND is slipping away as well. Well, not really slipping away, moving away. A year ago, I thought “there’s plenty of time”. I would like a re- count.

How do I get the year back? I want to ensure my friends know their worth to me. I want them to know how much I appreciate them. I want them to know my growth is largely due to them being in my life. I want them to know how humbled I am just by the fact I am able to call them MY FRIENDS!
We are all shaped by those we hold in our lives. Hold onto the people that challenge us to be our best; the people that push us just a little harder than we push ourselves.

I cannot get the year back, but I can use my TIME (and frequent flyer miles!) more wisely to ensure the people who shape me know their impact on my life.

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