Play With Your Words!

In celebration of it being Friday Eve (Thursday-see what I did there!?), today is an extension of the previous challenge of focusing on the positives in your life .  Begin the habit  of choosing  words to project the improved POSITIVE YOU!

As I continue with my personal challenge to use the word “happy” when responding to how I am (definitely some odd looks, then a smile (collect those smiles!) from strangers, and I admit more than a few fails lately with Tim tests, but getting back on track!), I have thought of a few more to change up.

A busy family life can be described as “blessed/thankful for an active family”, or   “a very full life”.

Describing a difficult task/day, use the word “challenging”;  can also use “challenged” to describe feeling overwhelmed.

A busy day at work/home can be described as an “energetic” or “engaging” day.

It really is all in your DELIVERY. How do you want people to see you?  Positive people encourage positive in those around them.  They encourage not only others, but also themselves to be GREAT all of the time!   

So play with your words!

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