Participation Required!!

Do you demand enough from yourself?  I feel we can always demand more; that we have a tendency to become quite complacent with ourselves, yet at times are VERY demanding of others.  Step into your role as an ACTIVE participant in your own life-not just a bystander! 

Who knows better than you what you want to accomplish?  Who knows better than you what makes you happy? Be your own role model!  Every day is a new opportunity for you to demand more; a new opportunity to live up to the challenges you have set for yourself!  You ARE your own positive influence!

Mentor yourself through one new challenge a week. Take the time for YOU-to really BE THERE for yourself.  You cannot be everything to everyone… you can’t even be everything to yourself, but you CAN be what YOU need to SUCCEED!

                “I was always looking outside myself for strength and confidence. But it comes from within; it is there all the time”

                Anna Freud, Austrian psychoanalyst and psychologist (1895-1982)

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