Opportunity doesn’t always knock, sometimes it interrupts…..

        Interrupt: To cause a break or make a break in the continuity of a course, process, condition, etc.

       Opportunity: A situation or condition favorable to a goal.

Two (2) seemingly unrelated words; except in my world!  I have begun to think of them as going hand in hand.   As most of us begin a new work week, I thought it would be appropriate to start here.

Most have specific tasks we are expected to complete on a daily basis, as well as any personal goals we have set for that particular day; and yet all have felt “interrupted” at one time or another. This interruption then becomes our reason for something not getting completed. I realized about a month or so ago that I had been looking at these “breaks in the flow of my day” in the same way.  But they’re NOT.  These are the opportunities we are being given, to share our knowledge, our testimony or maybe even just a little bit of our time.  It’s our opportunity to mentor, our opportunity to encourage!!  We could be the piece of that person’s day that put’s it all together; that moves them forward, and in turn moves us forward. 

Do we seem genuinely receptive to this person and what (if any) help they’re asking for?  Did we roll our eyes in our mind, and then wonder if maybe we rolled them for real?  Do we have a long drawn out sigh?  Or did we make eye contact and smile?  Ask what we can do?   How we approach it is what defines our outcome; and yes, ultimately defines us.  This then raises the question we must ask ourselves– why don’t we consider it an interruption to another’s day if WE approach THEM. What is the effect on our day to be on the receiving end of that heavy sigh?  Deflating would be one word that comes to mind.

How many of us truly go thru a day without needing something, no matter how small from another person?   A break in the flow of our day is rarely the reason the task was not completed; because the “interruption” is rarely more than a couple of minutes.  The inability to complete the task stems from the time we then use venting to ourselves (or another-hmm) about how many interruptions we get in a day, and if we could just be left do our task (jobs), we would accomplish so much.

So the next time you are asked “do you have a minute?” remember the opportunity you are being given and the effect your response has on another person’s day.

            “Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises”

                  Demosthenes  (384 BC-322 BC)

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