My Scarlet Letter……

My Scarlet Letter: “R”

“R” is for Responsibility. 

That is my Scarlet Letter. Lately it is becoming easier to admit there are more and more times I wish I no longer wore it, but with such a strong SENSE of responsibility, that will NEVER happen.  It’s not a BAD thing. One should be responsible. I exude responsibility. Responsible people do what’s right (something I pride myself in), do what needs to get done without (too much) complaining, and ALWAYS take the high road; even when the low road seems a more comfortable option.

I am looking towards 2013 and how I can take this “duty” I feel to be responsible and my desire to be less constricting with my decision making.  I don’t know; mix it up if you will.  I have been told before (and recently), that I do take things too seriously at times, so I want to learn how to NOT over think EVERY process, EVERY scenario, and EVERY conversation.  Just be there, in the moment to enjoy what’s happening right then without worrying (too much) about the tasks needing completion or a child’s slightly later bedtime.

 Apparently I see this “duty” as not allowing me to RELAX (another “R” word-ironic isn’t it?). This must change for 2013; I am losing (and lost) too much time already.  I know this will be a HUGE challenge for me in the upcoming year, but it is a necessary one; I must make a conscious effort to put responsibility aside more often just to have FUN, and enjoy my moments.  My tasks will get done, children will be in bed on time, and maybe I will not pass the trait to be over-responsible to my girls.

                “The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it”

                   Sydney J Harris

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