Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day….what does it mean to you?

In my “Rainbows, Butterflies, Teddy Bears and Kittens” world it would mean sleeping late, breakfast in bed, a deep muscle massage, (more than 2 squeezes on my shoulders and a “ok, now do me), a laundress and maybe even someone to come in and wash my floor boards.  Is that even real?  I am sure it is for some people and that is not a bad thing.  It’s just not what I REALLY think Mother’s Day should be for me.  Anyone who knows me knows I am too controlling for any of those things-ok, maybe NOT too controlling for the deep muscle massage!

So I have already done four loads of laundry-still waiting to fold and iron, I had a few bites of the eggs I made for Tylie and the second slice of bacon Lauren didn’t want.  Tim did give me a massage while I began writing this post, and well the floorboards will wait for another day.  I have gone grocery shopping as well as  an additional errand or two; making  a  (South Beach friendly) peach cobbler w/”no sugar added” vanilla ice-cream that I have been fantasizing over all week.  We’ll soon watch a movie together, Lauren and I will maybe watch an episode of the Korean soap opera (English subtitles) we’ve become hooked on, and then prepare for our upcoming week…and it’s exactly perfect…for me.

It’s having my family with me and knowing that even though I drive them all crazy, they take the time out to show me how much they love me and know exactly what to do or say to make me FEEL how much they love me. I only hope that everyone who is a mom, or a mom stand –in has what I have every day, but made just a little more special today.

With that said, please take the time to play the video below; it’s my Mother’s Day present from Lauren. She is SO AWESOME and I love being able to watch her turn into such a caring, loving, self-less young woman!

I believe I am truly MOST FORTUNATE!

I love you, Tim, Emilee, Lauren and Tylie

(**Notes–Video cannot be played from a Mobile device-please view from PC, and play the video in full-screen mode if the text is too small to read on the page)


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