Happy Day!!!

I believe the Holiday season kicks off as soon as we get to Halloween—and it’s here;  I am still trying to get my yard decorated (same thing happened last year-decorating at the last minute!), and make a trip to our local Zoo Boo! I guess that’s what I’m doing tomorrow….(SEC Football tonight; Roll Tide!!)

So with the kick off of the Holiday season comes the urge to create (in my mind), the BEST Thanksgiving, and Christmas ever! This could then cause a smidge of stress, which will get passed thru to the family if I am not careful.  Reminder to self—remember WHO you are doing all of this for.  Sometimes I do “go around the block to cross the street”, so this will serve as my reminder (as well as anyone reading) to take a day at a time, and spend the MOMENTS with the people who mean the most to me. 

That may not stop the challenge of finding matching pajamas, or disagreement of which movie to play while decorating the tree ( I am high strung), but I can make those MOMENTS the pieces that get me to my “picture postcard Holiday”.

So, with that said, remember WHO we do these things for, and have an extra cup of cocoa (and maybe an extra piece of pie!) with them!

                “If we take care of the moments, the years will take care of themselves”

                 Maria Edgeworth, O Magazine, April 2004

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