Lost but Finding…step 3

Lost but Finding….step 3

Receive: To take into one’s possession

“Today’s all about me learning how to receive” (“Receive”-Alanis Morissette).  That’s a mouthful isn’t it?!  For me it is!  This is a MUST learn for me.  I definitely have a problem with receiving without immediately trying to give back.  Sometimes it is necessary to JUST receive what you are being given. Dare I say there are times when it is NOT better to give than to receive… (also hard for me to say!).

Receiving is twofold….

We give so much of ourselves just with our “every days”; our selfless willingness to give first to our family and friends, putting ourselves further down on our own priority list.  Though a gradual process, we lose ourselves with this EXCLUSIVE behavior.  I, for one, struggle with ALLOWING myself to think about ME FIRST; to RECEIVE acceptance that it doesn’t have to change how I GIVE to others. The permission to receive will make me a better person, even a more giving person. But, for me at least, this will be a learned behavior but a necessary one (practice makes perfect!). 

Look around, I bet someone is trying to give you’re their attention, their smile, their giggle; STOP and take it! Though possibly unconsciously, we are missing MOMENTS because we are choosing not to take them. We become blind or oblivious to how often people try to give to us; we are caught up in what/who we feel WE need to take care of, missing the obvious, and quite possibly minimizing THEIR efforts to give to us. So, take the smile, the giggle, and the TIME someone is giving.  RECEIVE it with the same focus we have when we are giving to others.

                “I am open to receive with every breath I breathe”

                Michael Sun

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