Lost but Finding…step 2

Discovery: Get knowledge of, learn of, or find

“I once was lost, but now I’m found”, a very recognizable line from a very recognizable song (just in case, Amazing Grace) (random rhyming).  A great mantra for the rediscovery of myself when the realization of not having a clue who I am shook hands and said (as we say in AL) HAY!!

I know I’m a mother, a grandmother, a nice person, and obviously a woman. But what else?  And when and where, in the name of Pete did I go?  I didn’t feel myself slip away, so it was a gradual process. I would like to think I’m somewhere nice on holiday, but then that may prove difficult to convince myself to return; choosing reality, which is well, REAL, as opposed to an awesome holiday….

How do I begin? (Again with the first step, apparently this is my “theme”). Do I get a hobby?  How do I choose one? Do I join a club? Do I start a club? Do I begin going out more?  Get a pen pal? I’m not even 100 % sure what I like to do. Focusing for so long on “tasks” and “responsibilities”, and “taking care of everything”, has left me a little…let’s go with unrecognizable. I’m just left here unsure of what the pieces are that make up the whole; but  SO excited  to gather them all together, lay them out and reintroduce myself to them as well as them to me. I think we’ll get along well, we’re pretty cool apart, but they’ll write SONGS about us together!

So with the first step, comes a cleansing breath (like labor-a labor of LOVE of SELF), and a leap of trust AND faith; I must have both, and then proceed with the mile. Think of an interest, google said interest for local opportunities, and then DRAG a friend with me. Easy. I can do that! I am thinking Yoga and/or meditation. Any takers?  (this will also prove who is actually READING my blog as I am asking for volunteers first!) .  By taking the time to bring my pieces together for ME, I become WHOLE. It means dragging me back from holiday, but this is (as I like to say), a means to the BEGINNING of a complete Cari.

                “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”

                Aristotle, Greek philosopher

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