I’m with the Band!!!

Have you sang out loud today? 

I have.  I was the girl in the car next to you this morning in traffic.  You know the one, the one giving the concert; all I needed was someone in the back seat holding up a lighter! On VERY good mornings I pack the largest venues from the front seat of my car…..(This is probably why I LOVE the new Volkswagon commercial where he’s sitting at the stoplight giving a concert).

I cannot LIVE without music.  It makes a much happier/less cranky Cari.  This theory has been tested and has been proven; I am a MUCH better ME when I can dance and sing; even if just from a desk chair or car! 

I collect songs that could potentially give anyone insight into life.  My mp3 player (yes I STILL have one of those-at least it’s not a portable CD player, though it is a Walkman), is a virtual chronicle of what I have been thru or going thru.  I most definitely assign events and times in my life to songs/albums (dating myself again!) and then keep them FOREVER! It’s like walking down memory lane EVERDAY! I love the moments where I find just the right song that explains it all, right at the moment I need it.

We cannot underestimate the POWER of music!! Music is (in my opinion) the medium that opens our heart and sets it free to dance whether we are hurting or happy!  The utmost gratitude needs to be given to the people who can explain what the rest of us are only FEELING…Which is exactly what music is; a personal feeling.  No two songs have the same meaning for different people.  It’s that intimate moment when it’s all figured out-thanks to someone with the POWER  to help turn feelings into SOUND…So TURN UP the volume and SING! (and DANCE!)

                “I think I should have no other mortal wants, if I could always have music.  It seems to infuse strength into my limbs and ideas into my brain. Life seems to go on without effort, when I am filled with music.”

                George Eliot English novelist  (1890-1880)

3 thoughts on “I’m with the Band!!!

  1. Cari I can not agree with you more! My music tells you exactly how I am feeling. You just have to listen! I too sing my heart out on the way to work and home to prepare me for what lies in wait!!!!

  2. Music is the driving force behind all my emotions. I love my music. I am a fan of all kinds, different for each mood. Some days as you put it best….”You just have to dance”. Cranking the radio in the car is my favorite part of the day. 🙂

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