I Fancy Myself a Runner!!

Why I run/walk…..

Because I am able.

Because it is something I haven’t been able to master; either due to  lack of talent or lack of commitment —maybe both.

Because it’s supposed to relax me.

Because it’s an opportunity to make “little” goals (to the next mailbox), and then feel that rush when I make  it there, then the push to the next (mailbox).

Because it helps keep me in some kind of shape.

Because one day I will run where it’s NOT 100% humidity at 5:45 am

Saturday was my first run/walk in a while—not counting treadmill on Tuesday and Thursday. I mean for real, in public, and on the ROAD! I started with a brisk walk, I have “subtle” hills in my neighborhood and knew if it started with the run part, I would NOT last.  After a block or two (maybe three), the RUN began.  Oh yeah, I got this!  This is what I’m talking about!  Not too bad, just a slow pace, working back into it; very proud of me.  Then I started thinking about what I must look like from behind and I became a little self-conscious—Polli joined in the conversation and told me I didn’t look as bad as I thought, self-perception is ALWAYS the most harsh.  Ok, I feel better—let’s keep this going!  Then I ran past a plate glass window downtown and for all that is holy with the world!  I think I actually felt sympathy (despite what Tim says) for all of the early risers who were out and about!  Holy smokes!  All I could hear in my earphones was a loop of the words “Baby got back” (Sir Mix A Lot), followed by “It looks like two pigs fighting under a blanket” (Steel Magnolias)…. But I kept going, telling myself they would get over it, the image wouldn’t burn too deeply in their psyche.  Right?  YES!  And I made it to the end of that stretch of road and skirted down a side street to begin the walk portion (subtle hills again).

Bottom line is I made it the 3 miles I set out to do and really don’t think I caused any permanent psychological damage to anyone, and I didn’t pass out or get run over, so GO ME!!

The next run I will be more skilled with my new music/run app and will choose music that will drown out the naysayer and make Polli want to dance!!

2 thoughts on “I Fancy Myself a Runner!!

  1. Good job! Always remember that everyone looks silly running. It is part of what makes it fun. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other, and there will be no distance you can’t overcome.

  2. Thank you Chuck! But I’ve seen some people who look damn good running! Well I guess that has become my challenge-look damn good while running–if you ignore the sweat! Love you!!

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