Here There Be Dragons……

Dragons live in my backyard.

This picture is credited to the TuscaloosaNews.com blog, but it is the SAME that lives in my upper yard.
This picture is credited to the TuscaloosaNews.com blog, but it is the SAME that lives in my upper yard.

I assure you I have not gone over the edge; I’ve seen them. They lie in wait, and when they sense my complacency, they show themselves; which of course puts me on HIGH alert for days. This one time (at band camp), I wasn’t allowed into the cabana. This was because one had decided that it was HIS cabana and I was only welcome for comic relief. I did not give him that satisfaction; I remained outside of the cabana under the umbrella. I also have a section in what we refer to as the “upper” yard that I am no longer even allowed in without an escort. The dragons up there are, I think, may be the MOST frightening; their bodies resemble that of a snake with a dragon head and they have VERY sharp teeth. Spring planting of decorative grasses along the fence line will prove challenging! Wait, WHY would I give them MORE places to stalk me from-I must rethink my choice of plantings.

Can you spot him sunbathing on MY parsley??!!

There are no words except paralyzing fear at the sight of them. Just the way they saunter across the deck at me, watching me, daring me to even breathe. And, if you can believe it, having the nerve to go into my herb container and just sunbathe! Needless to say, I DO NOT have those herbs anymore.

My family doesn’t understand, apparently they prefer to live reckless lives where as I prefer to REMAIN ALIVE.

The worst possible day was when I found two (2), count them two (2) within the sanctuary that is MY HOME. Unfortunately, one (1) did not make it, as it was either him or me as I was beginning to shake and hyperventilate. I am not proud of my actions, but I was the only one home and I really had no choice. The second one did manage to return to the outside, but not BEFORE he ran across the top of my hand getting out of the doorframe-obviously he had been witness to his friend’s demise.

How does one rid themselves of Dragons? Maybe I should google it when I google how to rid my backyard of the poisonous tree frogs…

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