Have a Grateful Day!!!

Today will be “G”

                Grateful, Gratitude

I have said and written about this before, but I am coming back to it.  We must all be GRATEFUL for everything we have and everything we have accomplished.  It doesn’t matter if you have  accomplished everything on your own, or with help. And do we really do anything without some type of help? I think we all have some sort of support system in place no matter how small; daycare so you can work and not worry about your kids, grocery baggers, car mechanics, etc.  Our lives are touched by so many people on a daily basis (maybe not all good experiences, but); who make a difference to us; a cashier that gives a genuine smile when you needed one the most, a complement from a stranger, etc. Our friends who are there with a phone call, a text, something to make us know we are cared for!  Our families who can make a boring dinner so much better with relaxed (or excited!) conversation, laughter and just the act of being together, sharing.  BE GRATEFUL!

Now that you’ve thought of everything to be grateful for and how these people/things impact you-show GRATITUDE!   Let these people know!   Most times showing gratitude is as simple as a returned call, a returned SMILE, an unexpected hug, (hugs can make SUCH a difference!) or “I Love You”, even just remembering to say Thank You OUTLOUD, (my bad habit number 8-I sometimes forget to actually verbalize it, I say it in my head, I feel it, it just sometimes never comes out of my mouth).  Life’s simplest acts mean the most. To me they are me giving back in the most intimate of terms; the act of caring what impact I have in someone else’s life.  How do you show gratitude for an accomplishment/things you have?  Give back!  Volunteer your time, maybe a small monetary or used item donation. Take TIME from your day to help someone maybe who’s not so fortunate right now-their time will come!

                “Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude”

             Denis Waitley

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  1. Wow. It has always amazed me how you and Heide always know when I need a lift. Your blog was just what I needed. Another good one Cari. I love them.

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