Habitual Dreaming……

With only ten (10) weeks remaining in 2012, how do you want to end your year?  Some research shows habits can be formed in as little as twenty-one (21) days, some say thirty (30), some say sixty-six (66)—you have seventy-six (76) days remaining in the year.  Awesome!!  An extra ten (10) days to get things YOUR WAY!

My daughter’s most recent quote is “why dream it when you can make it come true?.  So true!! And now’s the perfect time to form the habit to make it/them come true!  Starting the New Year on a productive, focused and positive note is better than a week of Monday’s would be to me! 

Seriously, take the time to form new habits that put your dream(s) closer than you imagined.  What habit do you need to form to get to that dream?  The habit of budgeting your money to curb unnecessary spending?  The habit of an after work walk/run to rejuvenate for yourself and family? Regardless how big or small, these new habits get you closer to your dream(s)! 

                “So many of our dreams at first seem impossible; then they seem improbable; and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable.” 

                Christopher Reeve… Speech from Democratic National Convention Aug 1996

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