Greet Your Day!

Happy Monday!  

People talk about their “To Do” lists, and taking a few minutes to “plan their day”, what about “planning your mood”? YOU set the tone for your day.  Don’t allow for it to be set by others.  By taking a few minutes first thing, YOU control your day.  A few minutes of quiet reflection (planning) will help put YOU in perspective and this allows you to “greet your day”. 

Everyday should begin with focus on yourself and how YOUR day belongs to YOU.  Whether it is a quiet moment with your morning beverage, just sitting quietly in a dark room and a SILENT house, or five minutes during your shower, it starts your day with YOU in control.  By taking control in the beginning of the day, it allows you to feel in control throughout the day.  You won’t be so reactive to things that may normally annoy/upset you.  And it’s contagious!  People around you WILL notice and want what you have.  

Remember to always make eye contact and smile!

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