Great Expectations!!!

My EXPECTATIONS are high….

My ASPIRATIONS are high….

These two words are to me, one in the same.  Some do not share this opinion; they see them as having two completely different meanings and to NEVER confuse the two. I was recently privy to something I had never heard before; some people say that “expectations are only future disappointments!”  Yikes!  I can’t even convey what that does to me—I get so riled and yet saddened that there may be people walking around who might actually think and BELIEVE that! 

I couldn’t EXPECT something, without ASPIRING to it; and what I ASPIRE, I honestly EXPECT to be.  (two peas in a pod!).  I guess simply said, my expectations are my aspirations.  It’s just how I get to success. I aspire for what I want (or need), I work for it, sometimes I must sacrifice for it; so I expect success-it’s a given.

Could I really have been doing this wrong all of this time?  Am I supposed to second guess what I can accomplish?  Second guess what I can be? No..simply NO!  I am too old to think I shouldn’t expect success with everything I aspire to.  Now though I believe success is waiting, there is no GUARANTEE of it happening; with the first attempt. Sometimes success will come after more than one attempt; this does not minimize what I expect.  This could possibly be the sacrifice previously mentioned, or the necessity to follow a different path to my success.  An opportunity to show my DETERMINATION in my unconditional belief that success IS imminent!

                “If you paint in your mind a picture of bright and happy expectations, you put yourself into a condition conducive to your goal.”

                Norman Vincent Peale US clergyman (1898-1993) 

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