First and Foremost!!!

Priority: The right to precede others and circumstances in order, rank, privilege, importance, etc..

Recently I was handed what I, in my “everything is an emergency” sometimes way of thinking was considered a “crisis”.  Initially the thought of just how completely unacceptable this was, was so overwhelming I must say I did not RISE to the occasion; I admit that sometimes I do lose sight of the forest through the trees.  The process of recognizing the opportunity was well, a fail. At first.

I soapbox ALL THE TIME about accepting new situations and growing from what seems as to be an impossible path.  In this case Polli decided she had another engagement and she CHOSE to test me to CHOOSE the right path. I say again, I failed; miserably. The initial panic of believing this to be a “straying of the perfect path”, in my “neat little life” was so, well anti-Pollianna!  I had to ADMIT to myself (FINALLY!  the crowd says) that I really have zero patience or tolerance when things don’t go MY WAY. Could I really be what I considered narrow minded? I had not thought so, but the enormous amount of negativity in thoughts, words and actions, rivaled obscene! And was most definitely impeding the process of even SEEING the opportunity let alone ACCEPTING the opportunity.

I threw myself into “fixing” this, screaming and insisting on 100% compliance, but not really seeing the bigger picture; I saw myself being irrational. I remember the moment my thinking shifted, seeing that this is not a “crisis”, it’s that AMAZING thing called MY LIFE, and things I CAN’T CONTROL WILL happen!   So, what was the epiphany?  It was the realization that the PRIORITIES of my life had become askew. I finally saw this for what it was; my opportunity to realign WHO was REALLY important to me. To step back and for one, realize I DO NOT have the power to “fix” this particular “crisis” within my specific time frame, and two, realize I must stop and FINALLY really embrace a new way of how I CHOOSE to prioritize my life.

I am sure it happens to all of us throughout our lives; we’re growing, changing, becoming better at being US; but we MUST remember our core values and core belief system NEVER changes.  I think most of us DO BELIEVE the core of our happiness lies not in HOW our life is moving along, or WHAT we have accomplished, but WHO we are moving through life WITH and WHO we are sharing our life accomplishments WITH. The PEOPLE we allow in our lives ARE our PRIORITY!  They are the driving force for why we do what we do, why we accomplish what we do, and without those we hold close, we fail. We fail at giving ourselves the OPPORTUNITY to SHOW the people who surround us how much they mean to us. To SHOW them the impact they have in making us who we are; to share the importance these people hold within us.

So let’s take some time today, look at WHAT is being put ahead of those WHO share our lives, and realign. This isn’t about quitting your job to have more hours with the family (especially if this causes financial hardship), it’s about MAKING time for the family, even if dinner is a little “late”. It’s about ensuring your LIFE companion in this odyssey KNOWS they are a WELCOME CHOICE of this odyssey, not baggage or just “along for the ride”; WITHOUT them, it’s pointless.  Step back and think about WHO makes you happy and EMBRACE them, TELL them, and PUT them back on the top of your “To Do List”.

                “Decide what you want, decide what you are willing to exchange for it. Establish your priorities and go to work”

                H.L. Hunt      

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