Essentially You!!!

It’s my fiftieth post—not counting my musings!  So excited I’ve made it this far!  Thanks to all who have read and have not “unsubscribed” from the lack of any recent postings!  I cannot believe it’s been almost 3 MONTHS since my last post!  Though I DO NOT regret the decision to return to work (LOVE my job!), apparently it is taking a little longer than I had anticipated for us (Tylie and myself!) to fall into our groove.  Yes, we have had obstacles to overcome the first 2 months of me working, but WE OVERCAME!  Now it’s time to put this Blog back on a front burner!  I have so many ideas and thoughts to share; I just need to put fingers to keyboard and type away!

So with that said, I humbly ask for a little more patience and positive vibes that maybe with summer approaching I will get to the place that gets me posting more often; dare I challenge myself with DAILY? I expect to begin filling your inbox with my Polli-Anna outlook and hope it brings smiles and clap out loud moments!  And in turn I hope to get back to the CORE of what drives me to be MY BEST;  strengthening the foundation I  use as my starting point to everyday.

It’s said with physical exercise it’s necessary to have a strong CORE to succeed and reach your personal goals.  It’s the same with getting through our days successfully—strengthen the CORE and we get through with much less stress and learn to take things as they happen and successfully move through them.  With a strong CORE, we almost look forward to resolving what we perceive as our stressors rather than avoiding them.  By building on this inner strength, we build UPWARDS; we don’t continue to circle around things, or build sideways.

(I know I have touched on this subject before, but with it being so long since my last post I think I can re-visit, maybe you won’t notice! In addition, it is what I am passionate about).

Each of us holds the power of CHOICE.  We MUST learn to exercise that power daily.  It’s about GIVING ourselves permission to choose what we make ours and what we need to let go of. It’s about the CHOICE to LIVE our lives to the fullest.  It’s about CHOOSING how we make a DIFFERENCE in not only our own lives, but those we touch.  It’s about CHOOSING to be the best EVERYDAY and actually being present in everything we do. Realizing WE alone hold the POWER of our own lives strengthens our CORE.  It makes us UNSTOPPABLE in whatever we set out to do!

So what do you CHOOSE?  I choose moving UPWARD!  I choose ACTION! Change does not happen without it. I choose GIVING myself the time needed to MOVE forward; to SEE my success even as it is still unfolding.

“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it.  Go out and get busy”.

Dale Carnegie

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