Create More…..

“Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

George Bernard Shaw  Irish playwright (1856-1950)

I want this on a button.  A button to wear EVERYDAY!  This is EXACTLY what I needed to read; at EXACTLY the time I needed it. This is where I am at. This excites and motivates me BEYOND clapping out loud!  I am making this MY motto for 2013; and it is a sign that it goes so well with my 2013 Prime Directive.

This is an insanely EXCITING prospect!  There are NO limits, only ENDLESS possibilities.

 WHO will I create?   WHO do I want to be?     

 I want to be so much MORE ME!  MORE clapping out loud, MORE capital letters and exclamation points, MORE living!!   I WILL be the poster child for LIVING WELL.  I WILL dance more, laugh more, encourage more, motivate more, PLAY more.  This will be Cari  defined; Cari unplugged!

I am devising my plan, setting my goals. I am not making this only about ME becoming more; it must include me BEING for family, friends, and strangers. I WILL make a difference in a life other than my own. Inspire someone else to take their “Epic Odyssey”; to create the MORE of themselves as seen in their own heart.  I WILL encourage without judgment, and be a POSITIVE influence.  I will motivate others to LIVE WELL. This will be THE year that re-energizes and strengthens my belief that we are all here to make a difference in other’s lives as well as participating fully in our own life.

So, today I begin the Odyssey that will change my year and my life; as well as, I hope, the lives of others.  The word that comes to my mind to describe my mood is Manic.  Manic with the thought of all that will be accomplished this coming year; all that I will learn about myself and what others will teach me along the way. I am taking the first step to creating MORE Cari; it’s time to kick our shoes off and dance our way thru this year by BEING and LIVING WELL!! Join me, I’ll bring balloons and I have buttons!!

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