Controlled Burn


 kindle, set on fire. 

Ignite change in yourself.  Begin with one flaw or bad habit you want to change and change it.  We are not perfect.  We all have at least one (1) thing about ourselves we want to be better; whether physical or emotional.  The first step is the most difficult.  It’s hard to admit we NEED to change. 

Identify the need for change.  Accept the need for change.  Believe you CAN change.  Change becomes inevitable.

Change is never easy, until you BELIEVE.  Once you believe, you can accomplish anything!

Who better to believe in than yourself!

1 thought on “Controlled Burn

  1. Oh, how I love change. I get very bored when things stay the same for too long. In the last two years I have made huge lifestyle changes. Proper nutrition and lots of physical activity. My next plan of action is to start training my brain. Seems like I am losing intelligence as I age. To start I signed up for a word a day from, soon I will begin a word journal, and lots of memory exercises. So for me, change is easy to embrace. The hard part is making the change habit before I change my focus!

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