An Under Used Word…….part 1

I want to talk about the word “Happy”.  I find it to be a very under used word.  When asked “How are you”? How do you respond?  Do you use that opportunity to vent about everything you feel is wrong? Or do you just respond with “fine”.   Why not “Happy”?  Are you happy?  I am. Very. (I’m sure to the point of annoying, but that’s me and I have accepted that fact and moved on!)  I usually respond with “Fantastic”, but I think I will begin to respond with “Happy”.  It will be worth the look on the other person’s face-I’ll also find out who is truly interested in my response! 

It’s not hard to be happy.  It’s a decision YOU make.   A choice.   A choice you can still make even while facing challenges in your life. Life can be defined as “being alive, the ability to function and grow”.  I think by choosing to be happy regardless of any challenges, you GROW.  You become a better YOU.   It may even help you get through the challenges easier, or quicker by opening your mind to other solutions.

And it’s just another reason to love the 80’s;-Don’t Worry be Happy! Bobby McFerrin


(it’s only a mile)   

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