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Cari Champagne

I have started this blog as a way of keeping myself motivated and inspired, as well as a reminder to myself that life is not always about me. An additional goal would be that my writing may help inspire others to be their best. Everyone has a different “best”, but I hope that I am able to “speak” to each person just differently enough to be that “duh” moment; to help you find what makes you the best you can be; to “carry you forward”. By being inspirational to those around you, you WILL find inspiration within yourself.

I am not a professional writer, (so be forgiving!) or motivational speaker, (but LOVE motivating those around me!). I am just someone who believes in putting forth my best every day, in everything I do (yet will admit some days are better than others!). I LOVE Mondays (a fresh start!), think Fridays are overrated, I have a strong inclination to use exclamation points and capital letters even when perhaps it’s not appropriate, clap out loud (ALOT!) and 100% believe in Karma. (and take very stoic looking photos-can’t smile when a camera is near!)

I am sure I will ramble, backtrack, and share things that maybe at first glance have little to do with the subject at hand; which just brings us to, as they say, “the journey being more important than the destination”. This is a journey that I hope will lead to clapping out loud and a comeback of REALLY perky people (though I have been told in the past it may just be too much coffee). Whatever it turns out to be (perky!), it’s me in real life hoping to share my strong belief to be your best, always. I hope you stay and maybe share from your journey so we all leave just a little better than before this started.

11 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I love you, Cari with an “i”! I am so happy to have your positive spin on the world and all of your clap-out-loud moments to read about.

  2. Well… stoic, yes and quite Lovely! You look so much like your Father, Cari! I “remember” that we had the same hair in childhood, is that a correct memory? … I’ve never known anyone with hair like ours. Mom kept mine short, and you kept yours long. Now mine is long and YOURS is short, (way cute too!!! 😀 It suits you!) My point is: As much as I used to focus on the hating of my HAIR and I totally did!!!! Somewhere along the way I finally embraced it and it’s one of my favorite attributes now. My daughters call it Mufasa hair, friends pick me out in a crown, strangers compliment, and envy the sheer volume of it. Funny how PERSPECTIVE, changes the experience entirely. That seems to be the theme of your blog so I thought I’d ‘share’ my ‘hair’. 😀

  3. : ) We definitely have VOLUME! I will never be bald! I refer to my hair as “80’s”-the short version. It always comes back in style!

  4. So proud of you for doing this, you are a natural. Plus you have the best hair, even when they gave you a “Ducky” haircut back when we were in Braintree you still looked fantastic.

  5. Thank you Nancy! Oh my gosh, I had forgotten about the “Ducky”, but laughed when I read your comment. That was the WORST haircut I think by far!
    I am so glad you like my Blog-I was so scared no one would read it: I have been told I can be TOO perky. Thanks again! Love you!

  6. Caring your blog is awesome and I look forward to more. I am so blessed to know. Words can’t express how grateful I am that we have crossed paths. You are a true inspiration each day and u love the pettiness! 🙂

  7. I have been looking around the site and you have done a wonderful job and should be so very proud of the person you are! You truly are amazing and never seem to stop surprising me each day with new talents. We all stand to learn a lot from you and your words of inspiration.

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