Second chances…

Second chances. I like second chances. I believe in second chances. I took what I thought was an opportunity for something new. What I had called at the time a “leap of faith”. Maybe not even that glamorous, maybe just “time to move on”. I only fleetingly called it a second chance. But now I’m pretty sure it was my second chance at a better quality of life. It has had its challenges (there’s that damn “journey being more important” thing again), but that’s more because I don’t accept change well (I lied in my interview). Why has it just NOW occurred to me that it was a second chance a year later, almost to THE DAY? Personal growth? I’m not so sure. The realization of this second chance was wrapped up (hidden) when I was given ANOTHER second chance of a different type. I guess while still under the high of the new second chance I had my “duh” moment. Yay me!

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