Sustain Yourself!!!

Daily Bread….. How do I define MY Daily Bread?  The quiet in the mornings before anyone else is awake, a cup of coffee in my RED cup on the deck, a moment of silence with a free heart and quiet mind, Lauren’s quick wit and laughter (though sometimes at me!), a Tylie kiss, Tim reaching… Read More Sustain Yourself!!!


Skip the Blame…Regret NOT Required!!!

R”….Regret                 A feeling of sorrow or remorse for a fault, act, loss or disappointment How do we learn from losses or disappointments without feeling regret?  How do we skip blaming and move right into growing?  Regret can be the poison that keeps you from moving forward.  It clouds you from seeing thru the loss/disappointment;… Read More Skip the Blame…Regret NOT Required!!!


My Scarlet Letter……

My Scarlet Letter: “R” “R” is for Responsibility.  That is my Scarlet Letter. Lately it is becoming easier to admit there are more and more times I wish I no longer wore it, but with such a strong SENSE of responsibility, that will NEVER happen.  It’s not a BAD thing. One should be responsible. I… Read More My Scarlet Letter……


The Power to CHOOSE!!!

Let’s continue with “C”…..choices The power to choose We are given numerous opportunities everyday to make choices; from the mundane (what to wear?) to life changing (quit our job to be happy or stay and be miserable?).  Included in our daily choices should be who we allow to be a part of our every days. … Read More The Power to CHOOSE!!!


Are YOU Worth Everything?

The saying is, “a journey begins with a single step”. I want an odyssey. An odyssey is life changing. Epic. It’s a life challenge. It’s risking everything and finding you are stronger than you thought possible, more capable than you imagined, and more deserving than you have ever felt. Sometimes you must risk everything to… Read More Are YOU Worth Everything?


Ever Present…

Happy Monday!!!! “T”……Today This day. I think “Today” is taken for granted; we all know we get another in 24hrs. We spend too much time looking at yesterday and relying on tomorrow.  With yesterday we look at everything that we saw as being wrong or not going our way. I am not referring to reflecting… Read More Ever Present…


Have a Grateful Day!!!

Today will be “G”                 Grateful, Gratitude I have said and written about this before, but I am coming back to it.  We must all be GRATEFUL for everything we have and everything we have accomplished.  It doesn’t matter if you have  accomplished everything on your own, or with help. And do we really do… Read More Have a Grateful Day!!!