Sacrifice sucks! (but it’s a means to a beginning!)

I have a two year goal that I am working very hard to achieve.  So hard in fact that I had actually forgotten about the actual goal, getting so caught up in the sacrifices involved.  My “duh” moment came standing in my dining room during my “lost week” of October 8-12, 2012.  I remember the… Read More Sacrifice sucks! (but it’s a means to a beginning!)


Start a Revival!!!

It’s time for an old fashioned revival!  (tent optional, but not required!) A revival of YOU! Lift yourself up by reminding yourself of your strengths’ and unlimited potential.  Take the time to remind yourself that “it’s a great day to be me!”  Reawaken the courage to see only the light thru the tunnel leading to… Read More Start a Revival!!!


Week Interrupted…….

I have somehow managed to lose an entire week!  I woke up loving Monday and went to bed Sunday excited all over again about Monday!!  My clearest memory for the week is me repeating Friday’s quote by H. Jackson Brown Jr.,  “Strive for excellence, not perfection”. Looking forward to this week; it’s almost as if… Read More Week Interrupted…….


Reminder Friday!

Reminder Friday…. Today is a reminder that we all have such a profound effect on everyone we come in contact with.  From how we react to our environment, to how we greet (or not!) people we pass by.  It takes little to no effort to just give your best.  We must ask ourselves everyday “how… Read More Reminder Friday!


Nemesis Needed

A little competition is good for the soul.  So with that in mind, I have decided I need a Nemesis.  Not an evil one whose main goal is to destroy me, just a slightly combative and VERY competitive one.  I don’t think I have been pushing myself hard enough lately.  So yes, a Nemesis is… Read More Nemesis Needed


Be an Opportunist!

Opportunity:              A situation or condition favorable for an attainment of a goal Do you set goals?  Personal, career, family?  What about setting a goal to ENCOURAGE?  Every day we are given a new opportunity to encourage  at least one (1)  person. It could be small encouragement- a smile, or full blown Cari-encouragement with clapping… Read More Be an Opportunist!


Blame Someone! You are you because of them…..

You are who you are because of your childhood, environment, past relationships, etc.. Time has come to BE THANKFUL!   Give thanks to the people who shaped you into the person you are today.  Maybe you have a better work ethic because of a previous “mean boss”, maybe you no longer gossip thanks to someone sharing… Read More Blame Someone! You are you because of them…..


Renewable Resource

(Happy Monday! (pseudo)….I do apologize for the delay in posting, I was out of town with the fam) Energy:                 Person’s spirit and vigor Are you quick to remark/think how tired you are?  How much energy do you voluntarily give up with  negative actions/thoughts?  It takes more energy to be in a sour mood and… Read More Renewable Resource