School project pow-wows….

Some 12 yr olds don’t like school project pow- wows.  Mine doesn’t. I think they’re awesome; a chance to collaborate and get ideas for a project?! What’s better than that?  I say again, AWESOME!  It was well planned, I made cookies (sugar free-VERY good!), we all had paper and pens.  We were ready, and I… Read More School project pow-wows….


Predict Your Future….

Only nine (9) more Monday’s until 2013!  Still plenty of time to take stock and fine tune plans to change what needs to be changed and energize your efforts for current goals you are working towards! Did you take the earlier challenge of focusing on the GOOD in your life?  What about the process of… Read More Predict Your Future….


Get Out of Your Own Way!!

Happy Monday! Interference………Obstructing progress……Getting in your own way…….  That was me this morning!  Now that I have caught up with myself, I don’t even see how it happened; I know the WHY, but not the HOW. I love mornings and I love Mondays, so this definitely disappoints me. I think we all have a tendency… Read More Get Out of Your Own Way!!



Happy Day!!! I believe the Holiday season kicks off as soon as we get to Halloween—and it’s here;  I am still trying to get my yard decorated (same thing happened last year-decorating at the last minute!), and make a trip to our local Zoo Boo! I guess that’s what I’m doing tomorrow….(SEC Football tonight; Roll… Read More Moment(ou)s!


Participation Required!!

Do you demand enough from yourself?  I feel we can always demand more; that we have a tendency to become quite complacent with ourselves, yet at times are VERY demanding of others.  Step into your role as an ACTIVE participant in your own life-not just a bystander!  Who knows better than you what you want… Read More Participation Required!!


Rave On!!

I have said this so many times, but am inclined to yet again…. Do not underestimate the POWER OF PRAISE!  Go out of your way to let someone know how awesome they are!  We all like to hear that we are appreciated, that we have maybe made a difference in someone else’s day/life.  Take the… Read More Rave On!!


Commit (to) Yourself!

Commitment: The act of engaging oneself Commit fully to yourself.  Commit to your strengths, to recognizing your weaknesses, and the focus of being a better you.  Without that complete commitment to self you won’t embrace all the good in your life. You will second guess your happiness by questioning if you deserve it. Commit every… Read More Commit (to) Yourself!


Be well Red!

  Happy Day!! Today is being brought to you by the color RED and subsequently the letter “E”! Red is a symbol of Enthusiasm, Energy and Excitement. It demands attention from others; stands out in a crowd. It just exudes confidence. It makes you feel good! So buy yourself a red flower, wear something red,… Read More Be well Red!


Habitual Dreaming……

With only ten (10) weeks remaining in 2012, how do you want to end your year?  Some research shows habits can be formed in as little as twenty-one (21) days, some say thirty (30), some say sixty-six (66)—you have seventy-six (76) days remaining in the year.  Awesome!!  An extra ten (10) days to get things… Read More Habitual Dreaming……


Shake Your Tree!!!!

Let’s celebrate (in my opinion) the BEST of the four seasons, Autumn.  In celebration we need to “shake our tree”, or shake things up abit.   Challenge yourself!  What have you done this month that may have been “not like you”, but made you feel absolutely AWESOME?!  What comes to mind when you imagine this?  An… Read More Shake Your Tree!!!!