Play With Your Words!

In celebration of it being Friday Eve (Thursday-see what I did there!?), today is an extension of the previous challenge of focusing on the positives in your life .  Begin the habit  of choosing  words to project the improved POSITIVE YOU! As I continue with my personal challenge to use the word “happy” when responding… Read More Play With Your Words!


Be Passionate!

What motivates you?  Family, friends, financial obligations?  What about “passion”?  Without passion, we cannot STAY motivated.  Not just “get up and go” motivation, I’m talking “it’s a great day to be me” motivation!    Passionate people INSPIRE.  They are the ones other people seek out.  The people you want to be close to.  BE THAT PERSON. … Read More Be Passionate!


Control Freak

Happy Monday!! A short reminder to be the most you can be today!  It’s a new week and another chance to strive for your best. Make a difference in your day (for the better!), by making a difference in someone else’s day. Don’t forget you have the power and control to guide your day YOUR… Read More Control Freak


Controlled Burn

Ignite….  kindle, set on fire.  Ignite change in yourself.  Begin with one flaw or bad habit you want to change and change it.  We are not perfect.  We all have at least one (1) thing about ourselves we want to be better; whether physical or emotional.  The first step is the most difficult.  It’s hard to… Read More Controlled Burn


Clap Out Loud!

Excitement.  This will be today’s theme.  I am hearing so many people be excited about something.  Some big things, some small things, but they’re excited!  Being near excited people is contagious!  How can anyone have a bad day being near someone who is excited?  I think it’s impossible.  The energy coming from this person is… Read More Clap Out Loud!


An Under Used Word…….part 1

I want to talk about the word “Happy”.  I find it to be a very under used word.  When asked “How are you”? How do you respond?  Do you use that opportunity to vent about everything you feel is wrong? Or do you just respond with “fine”.   Why not “Happy”?  Are you happy?  I am.… Read More An Under Used Word…….part 1


Under the Influence

Influence:                             The power to produce an effect          The ability to affect somebody’s character or beliefs or actions What effect do you have on the people you come in contact with daily? Do you go out of your way to change somebody’s day for the better?  The power we have to influence… Read More Under the Influence


Plenty of Time

Denial. I have been in denial about time. There’s plenty of it, enough for everyone. It’s TIME for peep’s sake! It is now becoming painfully apparent I have not used my time wisely for my friends. Time is slipping away, and now a TRUE FRIEND is slipping away as well. Well, not really slipping away,… Read More Plenty of Time


Greet Your Day!

Happy Monday!   People talk about their “To Do” lists, and taking a few minutes to “plan their day”, what about “planning your mood”? YOU set the tone for your day.  Don’t allow for it to be set by others.  By taking a few minutes first thing, YOU control your day.  A few minutes of quiet… Read More Greet Your Day!



Ok, so this is when all my inspirational/motivating musings should just spew….wait for it….hmm, a smidge anti-climatic. Now that it’s time to attempt to bring back pure, unadulterated perkiness, I do not know where to begin. So much to say, but I do not want to scare everyone off after the first post. And there… Read More Challenge